Pink Sapphire 18k White Gold Signature Expectancy Ring

$510.00 CAD

Our Signature Expectancy Ring style commemorates the arrival of your newborn in a memorably visual way. The intricate, yet classic half swirl design in high-shine gold is designed to signify the coming together of two people to create life. The center sapphire is carefully nestled in a prong setting and adds sparkle to your special announcement.
Choose a soft pink sapphire to represent a baby girl, a light blue sapphire to represent a baby boy or a clear sapphire. 
Available in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold or 14k rose gold.


Ring Details 

Metal - 18k solid white gold


Width - 2.8mm band

Sapphire Details

Number of Stones - 1

Enhancement - Heated

This centuries old technique uses controlled, high temperature heat to maximize the purity and intensity of a gemstone. Heat treatment is a permanent enhancement, as lasting as the gemstone itself.

Minimum Clarity - VS

Very slightly included. Noticeable inclusions only sometimes visible to the unaided eye. Little to no effect on brilliance.

Size - 4mm

Due to cutting variations of colored gemstones, these measurements represent the visual size of a gemstone more accurately than carat weight.